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Three things you need to bring with you to ensure your makeup session runs smoothly!

Ever had one of those makeup sessions, where you just never seem to get around using the makeup that you got your heart set on? Though your makeup artist may use their expertise to ensure you get the best look for your event - there are just certain factors that can only be sorted by your taste. Here are three top tips to ensure that your makeup vision gets brought to life!

1) Pictures of Your Makeup Ideas

If you have an idea in mind for a certain kind of makeup, bring them along to show your makeup artist! Having several clear images - ensures that there is no miscommunication between you and your makeup artist and that you both know what the result will be. However, it is a great idea to bring several photos along, so that your makeup artist can advise you on the best look for your event and coordinate the look to your location.

2) Wear the Right Clothes

From makeup sessions for makeup artists to makeup tutorials on YouTube, one thing is certain: makeup sessions are about makeup only and not clothes! If you want good pictures of yourself in your new dress or suit, go hire a photographer instead. For makeup artists, this means they don't have to worry about what they need to do with clothes and accessories while applying makeup. So when meeting up with them for a makeup session before an event, don't forget that everything that's touching your face must come off!

3) Bring Your Own Makeup

Makeup artists like myself are well stocked with a variety of makeup; ready for all skin types and events. However, there might be certain products that you have found you need - whether that be a specific colour corrector or a particular brand of foundation. If this is the case - make sure to let your makeup artist know in advance that you require that product - or even bring that one-off product along to ensure that you have everything you need on the day!

With these three tips, you are sure to have the perfect makeup session to ensure you look amazing on your special day!

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