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Special Effects Makeup

With the help of qualified makeup professionals like myself,  you can be assured that my many years specialising in FX makeup artistry - I will be able to help bring your vision to life. 

With nearly 20 years of experience in the FX makeup artistry field, I can apply a variety of makeup, prosthetics and paints to bring charm to any character.   I'm equipped with a variety of makeup tools and knowledge that allows me to create any partial or complete look as you require. 

My extensive work throughout both tv, film and theatre - applying a variety of special effects techniques has ensured that any vision that you might have - no matter how extensive - I'm able to bring to life.  Being a mobile artist, I have extensive experience, working in fast-paced environments onset and can easily adapt to the requirements of filming.  

This range of experience has allowed me to work with many talented individuals, and host multiple workshops on special effects artistry; including the application of prosthetics, scars, alternative skins, and wounds of various shapes.  I also have a vast array of experience, seamlessly blending special effects artistry into beauty makeup.  Therefore please call me and we can discuss how best to bring your vision forward. 

Keep up with my special effects makeup journey on my dedicated special page on instagram and Facebook

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