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Bridal Makeup

Getting makeup for your wedding day can be a very overwhelming task.   Whether you're getting makeup done yourself or using the makeup provided to you by another person, there are a few things that will make your makeup application go more smoothly and look better.
I'll admit it right from the start: wedding makeup is my favourite type of makeup to do! The reason why? Because everyone always looks so beautiful and their makeup usually turns out just how they wanted it without any issues! And honestly, what girl wouldn't enjoy being pampered and having her makeup done on one of the most important days of her life?

​Whether a small elopement or lavish affair, your wedding day is truly an amazing experience - and therefore why not allow my professional makeup skills to complete your once-in-a-lifetime look. 

Our session will start with a consultation - in which I'll gladly guide you through the best look to compliment your skin tone, eyes and hair.  This will include a discussion towards how the makeup will best complement the location you choose - so you can rest assured that whether you're going for a lavish outdoor wedding or a stunning indoor wedding - your makeup look will be completely tailored to your desires.  

Sues Makeup in Cairns - Bridal Makeup - Outdoor  Makeup 9.png

Once finished, we'll go through a full makeup look, including a full base, blush, eyes, liner, lashes and lips.  Due to the tropical heat, I make sure to use only the finest silicon based makeup products from Face Atellier and long lasting MAC studio fix foundation.  Once your look has been completed, I supply you with some complimentary product to ensure you will be able to make any much needed touch ups on your lipstick.  Additionally, let me construct stunning complimentary looks for your bridesmaids which will ensure your wedding party is absolutely gorgeous.  

If you're not completely settled on a bridal look why not try full bridal trial makeup - which will allow you to absolutely sure of the look you're after - a session that will be a perfect complement to any rehearsal dinner or bachelorette party.  

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