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Formal and Glamour Makeup

Why choose Glamour makeup? 

Easy!  It's high fashion.

The supermodels of the world wear it. The makeup artists of the top fashion shows create it. And the women who rock this look captivate us with their sense of style and unapproachable beauty. Glamour makeup is done for photoshoots, runway shows, red carpets, and especially weddings!

So what is Glamour Makeup?

Glamour makeup takes its roots from Old Hollywood, where traditionally you would see foundation, a bold lip, long luxurious lashes, sculpted brows, and defined contour.  However, in modern times, a more natural makeup (softer lips, less defined eyes, glitter) has been combined with the glamour of yesteryear to incorporate a soft glamour look - which is perfect for professional events and photoshoots. 

When you get your makeup consultation I will be able to easily guide you through the best glamour makeup that will suit the event you're attending.

Sues Makeup in Cairns - Formal Makeup - Full Makeup and Hairstyling.jpg

Furthermore, for formals, we'll be able to combine a makeup and hairstyling session to ensure that you get the complete style that you're after.  Prices start from a very reasonable $100 - with additives optional.  

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