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As a woman, I certainly understand the care each of us put into our hair on a daily basis.  It's because of this care, that I understand the importance of ensuring that when it comes to your big day - your hair is absolutely immaculate.  

Let my years of experience, complete your fabulous makeup look - by having beautiful bridal or event hairstyling - expertly frame your face and complete that stunning snapshot you are looking to get during your big day! 

Alongside my makeup kit - I am well-stocked in a variety of styling products that will allow me to style your hair - no matter the length.  Simply bring along a photograph of the hairstyle you wish to have, and together we shall weave our magic to ensure you have amazing hair for your special day. 

Therefore why not book a hairstyling appointment alongside your makeup session and cross two very important moments off your to-do list so you can focus on the next important point - what you're going to wear! 

Sue Kim Makeup Photo - Cairns Hair styling - Bridal.JPG
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