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Film, Tv and Commercial Makeup  

In film makeup, makeup artists have to create makeup that appears as natural as possible on camera. For this reason, I work with makeup that is water-based and as light as possible as opposed to traditional makeup which is made from oil and wax.

I will expertly pair the makeup shades which suit your skin tones and choose the makeup which looks good on camera – this includes theatrical film, TV drama – and which don't; even if we say we want heavy eyeliner or bright red lips, these things won't necessarily look good and people often opt for something less dramatic (or sometimes more so!) after trying out their makeup artist's makeup tips.

With many theatrical and film production experiences under my belt, I'll be able to expertly construct the characters you wish to bring to life.  This can either be through any variety of makeup look you wish to be applied - or through a mix of special effects and makeup to perfectly breath life into your characters. 

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