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Events and Themed Parties

Whether it's the excitement from a birthday, the anticipation of Halloween, or the pure joy at Christmas - everyone can agree that there's something special about being part of a celebration.  

It's with the wonder of celebration, that people love to dress up and look their best!  Nowadays from that one of a kind Halloween costume to extra rosy cheeks at Christmas - getting that perfect look is all too important.  

Let my 20 years of experience with events and parties - help you get that perfect look for your event!   My skills will allow not only the right makeup look, but I'm able to assist with hair and costume - ensuring that you're more than ready for your special event!  

Looking for that extra special touch?  Why not add some special effects artistry to your makeup?  Simply fill out the booking request form with your idea and let me bring it to life!


Sues Makeup in Cairns - Cairns Artistic Photography 33.jpg
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